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Todds of Carson Fork, Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Tennessee
Micajah Franklin Todd (1817 TN- )

Rustic Tiller  | Todds of Carson's Fork

History records the birth of Micajah Franklin Todd in 1817, a Tennessean by birth, living throughout his lifetime within the beautiful rolling hills of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Tennessee.


Though Micajah’s parents, siblings and ancestors are yet to be documented with original historical documentation, Y-DNA from descendant donors, supported by original historical documents, proving son to father, generation to generation from donor to ancestor, has yielded the names of four of his contemporary relatives: one relative, Joseph Todd born 1798 in Northern Ireland was living in Ireland at the time of Micajah’s birth, and three other Todd relatives lived in close proximity to Micajah in the Carson Fork area, James Todd born 1788 in North Carolina, William Todd born 1793 in North Carolina and William (Wm) Todd born 1816 in Tennessee; but as yet, the exact relationship among these five individuals is unknown.


As for Micajah F., one of the earlier documented events in his life occurred on August 22, 1838, in Cannon County, the big day this 21-year-old young man dedicated his remaining lifetime in marriage to his new bride, Susannah Cox.


Another documented event occurred about sixteen months later, on December 23, 1839, when Cannon County Deed Book B (original document) recorded another type of legal transaction, a deed trust from Micajah F. Todd to James P. Todd, security Jesse Todd.


After two years of marriage, M. F. age 23 and his young bride are enumerated in the 1840 Cannon County census, as they made their home together, having started their little family with newborn son, William A. Not only was their small family growing, but their land holdings in Cannon County were growing as well, as noted in the November 5, 1847, Cannon County Deed Book F: Jemima Patrick to M. F. Todd 30 acres; it being, "all my wright of dower as willed to me by Jesse Patrick."


The 1850 census enumerates M. F., now age 33, residing and farming in Barefield District, Rutherford County, along with wife Susan A. age 26. The couple, having celebrated twelve years of marriage, had added to their growing family, with Wm A. now age 10, and new additions: Nancy J. age 8, Caleb H. age 6 and Thomas M. age 5.


Tragically, the 1850 census is the last mention of Susannah, and documentation substantiating her demise is lacking.


The second marriage of M. F., now age 39, is documented on May 13, 1856, in Cannon County, to Malinda Coughenour. Malinda was born 1814, in Tennessee, as enumerated in an 1850 Jones County census, at age 36, with daughter, Elisabeth C. Coughenour, age 6, also born in Tennessee. On the same day as their marriage, M. F. and Malinda entered into a marriage contract.


Micajah and Malinda set about combining their two families, as reflected in an 1860 Cannon County census, with M. F., age 43, providing for his family as a shoemaker, Malinda, Caleb age 16 farming, Thos. age 12 (though his Certificate of Death documents his birth date as 1846), and a new addition to the family Aludore Todd age 3, along with Caroline age 16.


It was not until 1870, when, in the Cannon County census, Micajah’s second name is documented to history. Here, Franklin age 52, having returned to farming, is enumerated with Malinda age 56 and Alley D. age 13. The 1870 census is the last documented date for Micajah Franklin, with no death date nor place so far substantiated.


Many years later, on a 1926 Certificate of Death issued for son Thomas, Micajah Franklin Todd was affectionately recorded as Frank, father of Thomas.

As yet, excepting the relationship of Micajah Franklin Todd to his offspring, original historical documents have yet to substantiate specific family relationships shared by Micajah Franklin Todd with other Todds of Carson Fork or any other Todds of Rutherford or Cannon Counties.

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